Gallery is a web–based, open–source picture book manager, that offers you a convenient approach to effortlessly include your own personal image gallery into your web site, regardless of whether you’re operating a modest personal website or a vast community site.

Gallery delivers a fully featured admin interface, which will grant you 100% power over your online gallery. It will be easy to add users and groups, to enable and deactivate extensions, to handle remarks and watermark records, etcetera. An internal web editor will permit you to make image albums, to post images and video clips, to rearrange and rotate photos, to tag albums/photos, to alter photo album authorizations, to upload watermarks and a lot more.

Gallery–Optimized Hosting Services

Thanks to CyberCityNet’s Gallery hosting solution, you can have your gallery published on the world wide web with a click. You just need to choose Gallery from the app drop–down menu in the sign–up form and we’ll deploy your image album software the minute we have your hosting account. That will allow you to start working on your online gallery just after the signup procedure has been finished.

Every Gallery hosting pack is secured by a range of service guarantees for the hassle–free functionality of your image gallery. Your hosting account is configured totally free and will and will include a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Moreover, if you’re not content with CyberCityNet’s Gallery hosting service, you can make use of our 30–day money–back guarantee.

A Point & Click Site Control Panel

At CyberCityNet we offer you an easy–to–use solution to control your Gallery sites. Packaged with each and every Gallery hosting plan, you can find our own Site Control Panel. Built by us and for us, it offers outstanding rate and stability when compared with other control panels. Furthermore, it allows you to control your web site as well as your domain name from just a single place.

In the Control Panel you will find lots of beneficial tools and bonuses that can help you with your established site and with all your future sites. Using the File Manager you’ll be able to upload files by dragging and dropping them in your browser. CyberCityNet’s Domain Name Manager will allow you to control different domain names at once. CyberCityNet’s Web Statistics Manager begins accumulating website visitor information for your website after it goes live.